Mark Arminski is recognized as one of the foremost rock concert poster artists in America today, and one of a select group that has gained international recognition.

Mark Arminski was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1950. His interest in art began at an early age, but his tastes for the alternative would later lead him to the further out movements and styles. As a high school student in the mid-sixties, preoccupied with other than his daily studies, Mark would create his own rock concert posters during class lectures. Influenced in no small part by the legendary local poster artists, Gary Grimshaw and Carl Lundgren, Mark would design psychedelic broadsides, which only he and his friends would ever see. Thus, a seed had been planted which would eventually direct Mark toward his current phase: The Modern Rock Poster.

Arminski's career spans from the late-80's through today. His work spans several phases include the early Ghetto Press prints (early 90's), and his vast collectible 'series' (1994-2004), and still more modern projects. Arminski's series 1 is one of the important factors in the blow up of the poster scene in the mid-90's; a truely collectible series with a finite beginning and end. Arminski, both an inovator and fantastic artist, is truely one of the best concert poster artists in the modern era.

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